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Notice of 2019 Spring Inspections
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2019

It's that time of year again and we will be conducting the 2019 Spring Inspections the first 2 weeks of May. Now is the time to proactively review the exterior of your homes and yards and make any necessary plans for needed repairs and cleaning. 


Last year was very wet, so powerwashing is going to be a very hot topic this year. We've also had some really bad wind storms and many shutters have come off the homes. 


Here is a brief recap of items most noted at last years spring inspection that you may want to check for:


Fences - powerwashing needed, posts/boards missing

Siding - pieces loose or hanging, powerwashing needed

Shutters - missing, need powerwashing, need painting

Landscaping - wrong edging materials, vegetable gardens not complying to rules, plantings that didn't get architectural approval

Grass/Turf - bare patches that need seeding or sod

Cameras and Lights - you forgot to submit the required architectural request forms (even required under Rapid Install Guidelines), wrong color or locations, not a permitted style of light fixture

Street Trees - need the lower limbs cut so there is 8' of clearance for people to walk on the sidewalks

Mailboxes - were they damaged by the Township plows and need the post replaced, does the post need painting, are all the house numbers straight on both sides of the post and none missing


This is not an extensive list obviously, if something doesn't look right or looks dirty to you, it is going to look that way to the inspectors as well. Please don't wait to get a notice, address any needed items now.


If you have made any architectural changes to the outside of your home and yard but did not first get approval, we urge you now to submit an architectural request for those items before the violation is cited and you get fined. This type of violation carries a $100 initial fine and every day thereafter a $25 daily fine until you have complied. Why risk it, send it in now. Note: If the item does not comply with guidelines or standards you will be required to either remove or remedy the violation. 


We have updated the list of Vendors on the community website. If anyone has any Contractor they wish to recommend to be added to this list please e-mail with the Vendors name, contact information and brief description of what services they provide. You are under no obligation to use any Vendor listed; the list is merely a help resource to get you started or if you get stuck finding someone.


Finally, please remember that all rules, guidelines, and forms are readily available on the community website 24/7. 


For convenience we have included a link to the following guidelines, click on the links below:


architectural request form

vegetable garden rules

approved landscape edging

security camera guidelines

downspout extensions and sump pump discharge lines

mailbox guidelines