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August 2022 Community Projects and Parking Lot Closures
Posted on Aug 5th, 2022
Updated Work Areas as of 08/05/2022:
Click here to view the work areas for August 10 - 12th and August 15 & `16th. Please remember to avoid all work areas for your own safety. Thank you. 
Update to Schedule as of 08/01/2022: 
August is going to be a very busy month at Windsor Ridge! We apologize in advance for any inconvenience or disturbance you may experience with all the work that will be going on, but everything should be done within a month (or so depending on any weather related delays). 
Briefly - Project Schedules:
Tennis Courts Closing August 1st for replacement  - closed all of August (at a minimum)
Lower Clubhouse Parking Lot - No parking as of 7 am August 1st - staging for tennis court
Trail Clearing Starts August 1st
Trail Paving Starts - August 8th - revised start date of 08/04/2022 Click Here for 8/4-8/5 work areas
Upper Clubhouse Parking Lot - No parking as of 7 am August 8th revised to 08/04/2022 - staging for paving
Tree Guidelines
Posted on Jul 26th, 2022
The Board is pleased to announce that they have clarified the tree replacement lists for those species permitted on your home lots ("on-lot") versus those more appropriate as street trees. The small flowering/ornamental tree list and small evergreen tree list have been combined into one document titled "On-Lot Small Tree List" which is listed as item #9 under the Architectural Standards/Guidelines Section of this website (click on "members", "rules and forms", scroll down to this section); also included at #10 in this section is the "Street Tree List". The new street tree list has combined into one at a glance document the tree listing from page 8 of the Association's development plans, as well as the standing street tree recommendations from the Architectural Committee. There have been no changes to any of the existing architectural guidelines or procedures that have been in place for many years now; this is only to clarify the existing and simplify for owners. Thank you.
Newly Revised Guidelines - Landscape Edging
Posted on Jul 25th, 2022
The Board wishes to thank the Architectural Committee for all their hard work and diligence in researching and proposing revisions to the existing Landscaping Edging Guidelines. At Monday night's Board Meeting the Board approved and ratified these new guidelines for use in the community. Click here to view the Architectural Guidelines - Landscape Edging
Everyone who already has edging around their landscaping (flower) beds, is considering changing the edging, or is interested in adding edging this year, should review these guidelines in full. 
Pet Reminders
Posted on Jul 25th, 2022
During the Annual Meeting owners meeting, community members mentioned pet clean up as an issue and asked to have a reminder sent out to everyone about the community rules.
We wanted to take this opportunity to send everyone a reminder of the pet rules:  (see The Declaration of the Community, Section 16 “Use Restrictions”, paragraph (i) “Pets” for reference)
For the safety of all, pets are to be leashed when outdoors, and leashes are not to be tied or staked, they must be held by a person so the animal is properly controlled. No pet shall be permitted to run loose, uncontrolled, or swim in or on the Common Facilities. Pet owners will be responsible for any damage that their animals may cause to the Common Facilities
Please be responsible and immediately clean up after your pet. We also ask you to be courteous of your neighbors and curb your pets away from people’s lawn areas.  No one wants to have their kids tracking pet waste in their house or have the associated odors.   Remember that pet waste is a biohazard and can cause illness to not only other pets, but humans too.
(Click below to read full article)
2022 Pool Rules and Splash Pad
Posted on May 24th, 2022
The Board of Directors are pleased to remind everyone that opening day for the 2022 swimming season will be this Saturday (May 28th) at 10 am (weather permitting). Click here to view the 2022 Pool Rules. Please review them prior to visiting the pool for the first time this season, they are also posted at the pool for your ease in accessing them. The pool will be open for the extended weekend (Sat, Sun, and Mon.), will be closed Tuesday through Friday, open for the weekend again (Sat and Sun), closed during the week (Mon to Thurs), then open daily as of noon Friday, June 10th with Labor Day, Sept 5th being the last day of the 2022 season.
The new splash pad fixtures have been ordered but delivery has been delayed. We are opening the splash pad with the old fixtures, but as soon as the new ones arrive, we will get them installed.
Please remember that we did replace some of the concrete around the pool and while we had the new concrete sanded and rolled to knock off any sharp edges, these areas are still going to be rough until worn down over time. We would caution everyone to be mindful when spending long periods of time in the water that your skin will loose vital oils and may be more prone to getting scraps on your feet. You may want to have jellies or pool shoes with you just in case.
For those new to Windsor Ridge, you will need your clubhouse access card to open the pool gate.
We hope everyone has a wonderful summer and enjoys our pool!
Posted on Mar 9th, 2022
Following is a list of vendors for your home maintenance and service needs. If you have any Vendor recommendations please provide their information by clicking here to send an e-mail to the office. We are happy to add them to this list.
CMG Landscaping (formerly: Buzz Cut Lawn Care and Landscaping, LLC")- landscaping services: 
  • Call today for a personalized quote. 
  • We can provide tree removals/installations for homes and street trees
  • We can provide for all your landscaping re-design needs
  • Already serving well over 15 homes in the area and have a vested interest in the Community as I live here! 
  • We also do power washing!!!
  • Contact Chase @ 484-901-6635 or e-mail to or visit our website at 
Nick D'Antonio – landscaping services:
  • Services include professional lawn care, mulching & planting, hardscaping & masonry, & tree pruning.
  • Landscaping packages include spring & fall cleanup, mulching & weeding of beds once per month and lawn care for the season for about 15-20% savings for the year.
  • Already serving 25+ single family homes in the community.
  • Recipient of Angie’s list Super Service Award. 20+ years in business and all work is warrantied.
  • or see Facebook. Contact Nick @ 484-354-6015 or 610-269-3691.
 Schell's Landscaping - landscaping services:
  • Offering weekly or 10 day mowing schedules, as well as mulching, bush trimming and lawn services
  • Insured
  • Contact Jeff @ 610-350-1908 or e-mail
AHR – power washing and shutter painting (prices updated 03/09/2022):
  • Power Washing: Regular Price - $275 singles (with walkouts $300), $235 larger towns (large twins and larger end units), $200 smaller towns (the 3 story townhomes near Route 100).
  • Discounted Price Offered (After 6 Homes Schedule) 
  • Decks, Patios, Walkways, Furniture, etc. will be estimated on-site upon arrival.
  • Shutter Painting - $45 per shutter (includes materials and two coats of paint)
  • Contact Josh @ 484-880-2873 or via
Daltry Painting Inc. - painting & caulking of exterior trim/woodwork + interior painting (prices confirmed 03/10/2022):
  • Exterior painting & caulking should be done every 5-6 years. REMINDER: Townhomes are included as part of monthly HOA dues and are on a 5 year schedule. Includes exterior trim/wood including: garage, windows, doors, sidelights, pillars and shutters.
  • Pricing will be quoted on a per home basis. Estimates are: smaller home $1100, medium home $1500 & large home $1700. Dormers are $145 each.
  • Pricing to caulk around exterior doors and windows: $45 per window or door frame
  • Will also paint the mailbox posts for a nominal fee
  • Interior painting quotes done on a per job basis.
  • Contact Joe Themens @ 610-212-5483 or via
Battavio Plumbing and Heating/Cooling:
  • If you're having issues or simply want to schedule preventative maintenance.
  • Contact them @ 610-692-7960 for HVAC and general plumbing needs.
  • They upgraded the HVAC system for the Fitness Center. 
Richard Egan Contractors – stucco repairs:
  • Stucco repairs, cleaning and sealing. They also do general contracting work.
  • Contact them @ 610-353-3570 or via
Logue’s Electric – general electrical and lighting:
  • Free estimates. Contact Mark Logue @ 610-485-3619 or via
 Murphy’s Dryer Vent Service
  • They have a coupon for a spring special on their website –
  • Contact them @ 610-647-4774 .
TAS Electric - general electric and lighting:
  • Electric service upgrades, whole house rewire, internet/phone/cable, home theater, smart home lighting
  • Contact Tobias Stoutenburgh at 267-242-1009 or
  • Check out their facebook page at 
Top Hatter Chimney Sweep:
  • Visit their website for spring special offerings and discounts –
  • Contact Bill @ 610-469-6016.
Screen Replacements:
  • Glen Heydt Glass Company 610-359-1122
  • Needs a sample of screen to reproduce it; very reasonably priced
LB Home Improvement - Leroy Beiler - roofing, gutters, windows, doors:
  • Contact 717-989-5261
  • Note he is an Amish Builder, so you may have to leave a message for him to call you back.
For Replacement Siding - Here is a distributor for the PlyGem Mastic Siding on the homes. The siding is a special order item as it is no longer carried in stock. Take a sample of the existing siding there to match the color. Service Wholesale Inc. 4810 Horseshoe Pike, Downingtown 610-518-5187
Gas Fireplaces(Servicing - will handle Lennox Systems too)
Salters located at 3113 W. Ridge Pike in Eagleview. 610-631-9372; Chip Shoemaker
For Garage Door Replacement - Here is a vendor who has been able to match the existing garage doors in the community, if you just need a panel replaced and not the full door. Precision Door of Southeastern PA, West Chester location, Beth - 610-344-0730
Disclaimer: You are under no obligation to use any vendor listed above. You may use any contractor you wish to complete work needed at your home. Neither the Association nor management make any guarantees or warranties for any listed vendor with regard to pricing, quality of workmanship or materials, or availability, etc. Please do your own due diligence before hiring any company. The vendors on this list have either done work in the Association, stated their interest in doing work here, or have been recommended by your neighbors.
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